Red Fishing Lure Necklace | Keap Ceramics


A bright little ceramic pendant with gold lustre on a 17″ chain.

This series of jewelry is inspired by finding my Grandfather’s tackle box and being stunned at the beauty of his colorful lures. So I gave them the platform they deserve and made them into these shiny, ceramic necklace lures with a layer of pure gold fired onto the surface. They are 1 inch in length and the chain is 14/20 gold filled and made in the USA. – Keanne Petrie, Ceramicist

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland.

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Keap Ceramics
Portland, ME

Keanne Petrie describes her work as an exploration of the ‘precarious and vulnerable nature of existence’ and utilizes delicate ceramics to create intimate objects.
“I’m very inspired by the nature around us in Maine and intend for these pieces to become moments of reflection and quiet comfort in everyday environments. this work is created through handmade molds, hand extrusions that are similar to drawing.” – Keanne Petrie
Although originally from Mechanics Falls, ME, Keanne’s career as a sculptor and fabricator in the New York City are has enabled her to have work with many luxury brands. Her work has been shown in their various window displays.


Shipping Measurements

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in