Raven On Wheels With Berries | Deb Butters


A hand felted raven in handmade leather boots and a holiday wreath crown, holding a red berry in its mouth.  It is perched upon the undercarriage of an antique toy train, decorated with moss and birch bark.

Folklore has it that…
At Yuletime, Ravens decorate their bills with spider web and bring a red berry to a loved one.  Raven in boots inspired by Krahe by Rudi Hurzmeier.

This item is located at Maine Craft Portland.

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Deb Butters
Portland, ME

Deb is a Maine native and loves living in this coastal state, “with all the weather changes I can stand”.  She has always worked with her hands, in her dad’s shop or sewing and knitting with Mom. Deb believes everyone is creative and artistic. “It is important to me that skills and talent are shared”, she says. “If someone asks- teach. If no one asks- offer.”

Deb’s delightful felted treasures contain magic, humor, heart and natural materials such as wool, wood and metal.

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