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Original Handmade Vest
Denim with Deer Hide & Snake Print Leather

This item is located at Maine Craft Portland, and featured in the special exhibition Hey, Handsome!

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True Self Couture

(The “G” is silent)
For me, working with leather is a vibrant conversation of textures and forms. When selecting pieces for a garment I allow the materials to speak for themselves. Often I start with an idea, but the organic edges, mars, brands and holes truly form the compositions of their own accord.

100% of the leather I use comes from recycled sources.

I believe in reducing our impact on the planet by utilizing the “scraps” and seeing the beauty in the rough edges.

I believe in quality work and aim to make stunning pieces that inspire and excite the wearer again and again.

I believe in radical self expression and hope that my work offers you an opportunity for you to express your own true self.

Shipping Measurements

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 6 in