Pyramid Ring | Emily Percival


Pyramid Ring
Sterling Silver, Obsidian

A luscious, dark piece of obsidian shaped into a smooth pyramid and mounted on a textured silver band. This ring is approximately size 9.5, but is not an exact size fit due to the angle of the band.

This item is located at Maine Craft Portland, and featured in the special exhibition Hey, Handsome!

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Emily Percival
Portland, ME

Emily Percival took her first metalsmithing class in high school, where she squeezed her way into an adult education class. Born and raised in Portland, Maine, Emily pursued her new found passion further and received her BFA at Maine College of Art in 2006. She sees her work as jewelry that serves as powerful talismans for bold women, imbued with power, ferocity and magic.

Shipping Measurements

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 1 in