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Pawn Potential I | Original Monoprint | Jaime Wing


Pawn Potential I
Original Monoprint
Jaime Wing

I have been a wood block and letterpress printmaker for a handful of years, and I began this chess quest within my comfort zone: carving wood blocks of each type of chess piece.  I thought greeting cards would make lovely little objects, the way chess pieces themselves often are.  In these small prints, I intended the grain of the wood to lend a tactile and almost ancient feel to the icons, inviting the viewer to pick them up and interact with them as they would a game piece.

I haven’t played chess since I was a child and I am far from a chess expert.  Casual players know that a pawn can be “promoted”, but while I was researching chess for the project I learned that a pawn actually has the potential to become any other piece (besides the king, of course).  A pawn, regarded as unimportant and lacking autonomy by definition, holds a powerful possibility within him/her/them.

This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

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Jaime Wing
Westbrook, ME

Jaime Wing is a printmaker who creates original wood cut prints and handmade paper right here in Maine.  His cards are crafted in small editions using traditional printmaking methods.  Jaime is inspired by the natural texture of the wood grain and the rustic beauty of the hand made.

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