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Octopus Tapas Tray | C&M Ceramics


An infinitely smart and surprising creature, the octopus dancing across this collection is a joy to use for both young and old hands.

This colorful tray is not only the perfect size for tapas and snacks, but will quickly become a favorite for a multitude of other uses as well. It features a red octopus swimming above crashing blue waves. The rim of the tray is painted a dark blue. Hand painted, hand carved, and screen printed design.

Measurements: 7″ L x 3 1/4″ W.

This item is located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

Out of stock

C&M Ceramics
Meg K. Walsh
Scarborough, Maine

Meg K. Walsh is the designer-maker behind C&M Ceramics, a collaborative design, small batch production company, and one of a kind art studio. Meg has spent over 15 years working with clay, teaching, and collaborating. She is deeply dedicated to the continual discovery and innovation of the ceramic process. Through C&M Meg creates beautiful handcrafted tableware and ceramic goods that inspire play, reflection, and ritual. Everything is made by hand in her studio in Southern Maine.

“Every C&M product is handmade — being a small scale production company means being involved in every aspect of the making process. Whether I am slip casting, jiggering, slab building or throwing on the wheel, every bit of clay passes through my hands. This gives me the opportunity to fine tune each piece and create a well considered beautiful product. The creation of C&M is a design promise to create beautiful everyday objects that transcend our busy lifestyle and encourage play, reflection, and ritual.”

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