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Long Stitch Bound Journal | Enduring Dance | Four Rooms Studio


This unique journal features patterned cotton book cloth. The dragonfly designs along the exterior are hand painted and crafted by Kathy Finkel of Four Rooms Studio and showcases mother-of-pearl beads and genuine mica flecks. The book itself is long stitch bound and contains hand marbled paper as well as ivory paper.

A perfect, portable travel companion, the archival pages await your imagination and creativity.

96 pages

Measurements: 7″ x 5 1/4″

“Feel the spirit of the twirl, whirl, spin, twist,
and twizzle! Join the shimmer of nature’s
enduring dance. Touch the dazzling surge of
life and discover the magic as the dragonflies continue to turn, swirl, and
capture the light.”

– Kathy Finkel

Long Stitch Binding

This 14th century style book was used as a ledger, voucher, and accounting book. It became the standard for authentic, archival business record formats. The fascinating feature of the long stitch account book is its ability to open effortlessly to display attractive interior papers that lie perfectly flat without flexing the spine. Each signature was sewn directly into the cover! No adhesive is used in this binding.

As the ledgers accumulated on the shelves of the accounting houses, the variety of spine stitch patterns indicated just what information was included in each ledger. These fine books created beautiful designs when grouped in sets of three or more. They truly represent the excellence and endurance of this ancient craft.

This item is located at the Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

Out of stock

Four Rooms Studio
Kathy Finkel
Oakland, Maine

“Art is the open door to the pulse of my creativity.
Books are the exhilaration o f my heartbeat.
Each unique handcrafted book is a footstep on my path to communicate with the viewer.
Be invited to make the journey.”

Kathy Finkel is a book artist, printmaker and painter. Her book/box works evolve from her passion to create books as vessels, keepers of secrets, sanctuaries and protectors of personal journeys. Combining the imagery of printmaking, natural materials, digital imaging and painting provides her with a constant source of inspiration and excitement for her unique books. She continues to explore imaginative use of materials in her creative pursuits.

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