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Linen Tea Towel | Curry | Amphitrite Studio


Color: Curry

Our linen dish cloth is a classic kitchen staple that lends itself to any design or decor. Sturdy enough for hard use to clean up spills and drying dishes, but stylish enough to be used as the perfect serving accessory for Sunday brunch or dinner with friends.

These linens may look lovely, but trust us… They also love to be used! Dry your dishes, wipe your hands, wipe off the counter, clean up that coffee spill… Then toss it in the washing machine and do it all over again.

Excellent as a gift for yourself or your favorite host, this item will not disappoint.

  • Measures roughly 16” wide by 28” long with hanging loop

  • 100% linen, 5.5 oz

  • light/medium weight, soft and durable

  • Processed in hot water for a soft finish and color fastness.

  • Ceramic bowls & dishes made by Hannah of Ceramica Co out of Portland, Maine. You can find her work here.

Care Instructions; Wash cool and gently, hang or tumble with low heat. For the longest linens life possible, follow these tips;

  • Be conservative with detergent, it doesn’t need much or anything harsh.

  • Do not use fabric softeners (these break down the fibers).

  • Wash in cold or warm water – avoid hot temperatures in washing and drying.

  • Line dry or a gentle spin dry on low heat.

  • Gentle cycles will reduce wrinkles, large deep wrinkles occur with a high spin.

  • Dryer balls in the dryer work great with softening linen as it provides some friction to the drying process. We use these ones made by LooHoo!

This item is currently at Maine Craft Portland.

Out of stock

Amphitrite Studio
Newcastle, ME

In a world of products made to break down, throw away, wear out, or go out style, seamstress & grower Katrina Kelley counters that trend by offering goods that give you peace of mind while using them in your home and with your family. Amphitrite Studio is focused on natural, value-driven design and quality manufacturing. Katrina’s aim is to bring you goods that stand the test of time and life, with a focus on value, durability and timeless appeal.  The Studio’s line of home goods focuses on natural fiber fabrics like linens & organic cotton.  Long lasting fibers & designs that you will use for years to come with simple colors & styles for versatility & function.

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