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Kunzite Yoga Mat | Live Life Fuller


Calm the mind and heal the spirit by activating all 7 chakras. Live Life Fuller yoga mats are exact replicas of stained glass chakra windows carefully curated by artist, Laura Fuller. More than 200 semiprecious stones and crystals were thoughtfully selected for their healing properties and lovingly placed to inspire the soul’s highest intention.

The design on this Kunzite yoga mat will show you where to consistently place your hands and feet. Visual cues remind us of our physical and emotional intentions. They teach us when to focus, when to breathe, when to be strong, and when to let go.

The powerful healing stone Kunzite inspires acceptance of the things we cannot control so that we may embrace the world with an open heart. Believed to connect and open all seven chakras, Kunzite activates the heart center, promoting happiness, dispelling negativity, and bringing peace and love into the world.

Details: Made in the USA. Non-toxic cellular vinyl is BPA-free, latex-free and phthalate-free

Measurements: 74”L x 24”W and 1/4” thick. Weighs 3lbs.

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Live Life Fuller
Falmouth, Maine

Artist Laura Fuller’s studio is in Maine. She has been creating three-dimensional stained glass pieces for more than thirty years. She is primarily self-taught in her area of 3D glass design and sculpture and mastered the craft of integrating antique, new and natural, 3D, found objects into her complex, three-dimensional, assemblage narratives.

She loves mixing old and new making antique found objects become something new in her pieces. Often utilitarian in their past life, they become something to gaze upon in one of her works. Laura’s three dimensional Chakra Windows are crystal and stone, healing, grid layouts embedded in glass, with copper foil and lead free solder. The large windows hold over 200 stones in one panel, very carefully chosen for their healing properties.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 8 × 8 in