Imagine a Wolf | Lucky Platt


The tale of a wolf who struggles with being stereotyped as a villain, even in their own fractured fable.

What do you see when you imagine a wolf?

Sharp, pointy teeth?

Big, hungry eyes?

A soft sweater and a friendly smile?

Wait a minute!

The wolf in this story would rather knit than huff, puff, or blow anyone’s house down. But that doesn’t stop the townsfolk from crying wolf anyway. What’s a kind-hearted wolf to do when everyone keeps running and screaming at “Hello?” It’s time to show the world that this wolf is the furthest thing from Big and Bad.

This beautifully illustrated fable engages readers directly, reminding them to challenge expectations.

Written + Illustrated by Lucky Platt
Publisher: Page Street Kids
Ages 4 to 8
Format: Hardcover Picture Book
Length: 40 pages
Publisher: Page Street Kids
Publication Date: January 12, 2021
ISBN: 9781624149320

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Lucky Platt is a visual artist who loves finding art in unexpected places. Her work often explores themes of healing and inclusion with humor. She lives with her artist husband on a lake in rural Maine. This is her debut picture book.


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