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A lightly scented balance between floral geranium and citrusy lemongrass. This soap is wonderful for both hand and body washing. It acts similarly to citronella and wards off bugs.

This soap covers all of your cleaning needs from head to toe.  The use of organic olive oil to produce these soap bars make then long-lasting.  This pure soap biodegrades naturally after use.  All packaging is 100% plastic-free.

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Ancestral French Soaps
Monroe, ME

​At Ancestral French Soaps we create cleansers that will nourish you and the planet we share. Calling upon wisdom of our French foremothers, we have adapted traditional recipes to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our cold process, long curing soaps are luxurious, long lasting, and perfectly clean. Our commitment to preserving the earth is shown in every step of our product. We use only certified organic extra virgin olive oil, organic essential oils, herbal extracts, mica and earth-based pigments.

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