Gracie & Albert | Cheryl Grant Gillespie


Gracie & Albert is a portrait of a young couple in 1948 in rural Maine. Gracie is struggling with four months of treatment for mental illness in a public psychiatric hospital. Dealing with the guilt of having his wife involuntarily committed to this hospital, Albert is holding himself and their two young sons together on the outside. The reader is tossed back and forth between the mid-twentieth century mental health institution, primitive by today’s standards, and an outside community rife with intolerance and void of support for patients’ families. The story is based on the author’s parents in their early twenties, the author’s recollection of the mother’s stories, and actual records from Augusta State Hospital.

Author: Cheryl Grant Gillespie
Format: Paperback
Pages: 188
Published: 2019, Androscoggin Press
Language: English
ISBN: 978-7329471-2-2
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Cheryl Gillespie
Falmouth, Maine

Cheryl Gillespie has lived her entire life in Maine. She taught English in public schools for 40 years, mostly to eighth graders. She always enjoyed writing with her students. Memoir and biographical fiction are her favorite forms of writing, even having published a sweet piece of nonfiction about her Labrador and his girlfriend for Gray Wolf Publishing. The anthology Compassionate Journey has been an eye-opening experience for her. Marketing and handling the finances have been a real trip, but readings and discussions are fun. Her new fictional biography of her parents as young adults was published in 2019, titled Gracie and Albert.

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