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This Eyelash Potion increases growth, strength and thickness of your eyelashes. It comes in a mascara container for easy application. Can be used on the eyebrows as well to increase growth and health of your hair.

I infuse: horsetail, nettle leaf + root, sage, rosemary, oatstraw, and marshmallow root into castor and sweet almond oil. These herbs and oils are known to increase growth and strength, thicken and nourish hair.

Comes in an 8 ml mascara wand bottle for easy application. (tops of mascara containers may be gold or silver)

To Use: apply to eyelashes and/or eyebrows 1-2 times per day.

This item is available at Maine Craft Portland.

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Rooted Earth
Casco, ME

Sara Tryzelaar’s first teacher was her grandmother.  With her garden as their classroom, Sara learned the joys and power of herbs.  This lead her to a degree in horticulture and agriculture and the beginning of Rooted Earth Farm.  From this 5-acre farm, Sara uses organic practices and low till farming methods to cultivate the herbs and flowers that are used in these small-batch apothecary products.

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