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Digestive Tonic | Herbal Revolution Farm & Apothecary


Digestive Tonic is a lemon and ginger flavored tonic made with traditional herbs that can help support digestive health and nervous system health. Infused with bitter roots of dandelion, burdock, and yellow dock, all of which have a rich history and use as digestive bitters. We add lemongrass, chamomile, and ginger to boost flavor and digestive wellbeing.

Our tonics are sustainably-grown herbal garden blends.

Size: 8oz Amber Glass Bottle

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Herbal Revolution Farm & Apothecary
Union, ME

Herbal Revolution provides high quality herbal wellness products that are effective, delicious and versatile. We have a certified organic farm located in beautiful midcoast Maine where we grow most of the herbs that go into our teas, tonics, elixirs and body products.
Working with plant medicine and sustainable, organic farming is the heart of this business. This is our life and passion. We’re the real deal. I work with an amazing team made up of clinical herbalist and organic/sustainable farmers. We have a passion for the land, environment, social/civil justice, our communities and a passion for what we create.
Our goal is to bring light to these amazing plants that not too long ago were the staple food and medicine of the people. We want to see more people have access to these plants and the education to use them safely and respectfully. I want to bridge the gap between food as medicine and medicine as food by creating products that are meant to be used in our everyday lives.

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