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Ceramic Chessboard Puzzle | Barbara Walch


Chessboard Puzzle
Barbara Walch in Collaboration with CP Woodman
Hand built ceramic chessboard

This listing if for the chess board only. Intended as a set with the Chess Birds hand built chess pieces.

Initially intrigued with the idea of creating a chess set, I wanted to create a contrast with the seriousness of the game by being a little tongue-in-cheek with the chess pieces.  So, the cardinal stands in for the bishop, the owl for the knight, the rook is the crow-like bird found on the other side of the Atlantic, and I tried for a little optical illusion in the chessboard.

Though I anticipated challenged, I soon found out there would be a great deal more problem solving involved than I’d thought. The board presented the most problems both in conception and execution.  There are a good many strictly defined parameters in chess, much involving straight line geometry, which is the opposite of my signature work. Thus, the chessboard was conceived through collaboration with CP Woodman, a talented but obscure artist and craftsman in many media.  Given time and firing restraints, I was relieved that I had a workable result at all.

The overall result is a contrast of natural organic forms and whimsy with the straight forward parallelograms of the chessboard.

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This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

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Barbara Walch
Thorndike, Maine

Barbara Walch has been making handbuilt pottery since 1973. She is one of only a few American potters who work primarily with the pinch technique. Her handcrafted stoneware dinnerware is distinctive, unusual, and appealing. Barbara and her husband, Charlie Krause, are the proprietors of Fire Flower Garden and Pottery at their home located just outside the village of Thorndike, in central Maine, where her studio has been since 1989. In addition to the working pottery studio, there are extensive cottage gardens, cutting beds and a roadside plant stand.

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Clay, Glazes