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Ceramic Chess Set | Good Land Pottery


Chess Set
Good Land Pottery in Collaboration with Nate Dennison
Hand Built Ceramic Pieces with Maple and Padauk Wood Board

I focus on pottery forms that highlight the natural beauty and qualities of the clay bodies I’m using, leaving a bit of movement of the spinning wheel behind or a twist of a wet rim between my fingers.  I find it interesting to leave evidence of the making process behind in the finished piece as a way of telling its story.  My glazing is simple and used as a means of highlighting the natural characteristics of the clay as opposed to covering them up.  I am also inspired by vintage housewares and decorative glasswork and have been adding some of thee embellishments and styles into my work. For me, this evokes a simple, comfortable and calm aesthetic that I am constantly seeking in my work.

For this chess set, I collaborated with my multi-talented husband, Nate Dennison, in a way that just worked naturally for us.  he knows my work so well that he had a complete understanding of exactly what styling would be the perfect compliment to my chess pieces.  He chose some beautiful woods, maple and padauk, to artfully highlight in much the same way as I do my ceramic pieces: by letting their natural beauty shine through in its simplicity.

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This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

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Good Land Pottery
Kristin Dennison
Montville, Maine

Potter Kristin Dennison makes her work in the woods of Montville, Maine. She primarily works on the potters wheel, and occasionally supplements her work with a bit of hand building. The pots are high fired to cone 10, either in a gas or an electric kiln, making for a very strong and durable finished piece. All of her pots are food, microwave and dishwasher safe, and some are oven safe. Kristin also makes ceramic and gold jewelry among other special edition works. Her Montville home functions as her studio and gallery space, open by appointment.

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Stoneware Clay, Glaze