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Cats & Dogs Chess Set | Don Best


Cats & Dogs Chess Set
Don Best
Hand-Carved and Painted Wood

Each of my chess pieces brings me a lot of joy. I imagine them as players on a stage as much as they are pieces on a board. Their unique personalities help create the narrative that unfolds over the course of a game–as the viewer notices how the gaze of the Queen meets her pawns, and how tense a bishop seems next to a knight. I imagine these characters may or may not abide by the rules of chess, but the game itself becomes a story where memories are reflected and new pathways for the imagination can be opened. As players, animals do a good job of capturing both joy and sadness and engaging the imagination of people of all ages.

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This piece is currently at Maine Craft Portland as part of The Craft Maker’s Gambit Exhibition.

Out of stock

Don Best
Norway, ME

Don best received his BFA in painting, with a minor in sculpture from Maine College of Art. Since graduating, Don has continued studying and working with a variety of mediums. These experiences have allowed him to develop his own unique style as a woodcraft artist, creating storytelling pieces which celebrate Don’s love of animals.


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