BREAK I – Modified Criticism Series | TS Mastro


Modified Criticism Series
Vitreous enamel on copper

6″ by 6″ copper plate mounted on 1.5″ white painted wood.  Ready to hang.

Tracy takes very finely ground powdered colorful glass and carefully sketches with it on metal before placing each piece in the kiln, where the glass powder melts into a solid painting. Each piece is a unique piece reminiscent of a modernist painting.

This piece is currently at Center for Maine Craft in West Gardiner.

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The new normal created by the pandemic allows more time and space to process thoughts and emotions generated from memories, events and interactions.  So much time to think can create more anxiety as well as clarity and ease.  In this series of paintings, I set out to create visual diagrams of what equates to journal entries; rumination, ideas, meditation, practice, rants…

I use vitreous enamel on copper primarily in my jewelry making and have carried that medium over to my painting practice.  Building up multiple layers, sifted enamel is applied and kiln fired before the next layer is applied.  Interspersed in these layers are various forms of enamel, some bleeding through to the surface and others revealing something beneath the surface.  These bits and pieces are symbolic of various thoughts, feelings and ideas floating around and connecting of bouncing off one another.  The finished piece is chemically etched and hand polished to give the surface a dreamy matte finish.

I live in the sebago Lake region of Maine where I maintain a studio for my enamel jewelry and fine art practice in what was my late father’s studio.  I enjoy using the vintage enamel powders, supplements, and tools that he had used when he was making enamel jewelry.  My recent work was accepted into Surface Matters: Grit or Gloss, a traveling exhibit by The Enamelist Society, Under Fire 3, an online exhibit by the Enamel Guild North East, and Chemical Exchanges presented by the Brookline Arts Center at their Beacon Street Gallery.  I recieved my BFA for Metalsmothing and Jewelry from the Maine College of Art in 1991.

  • TS MASTRO, 2021


TS Mastro
Raymond, ME

Tracy Mastro’s relationship with vitreous enamel began as a child, watching her father as he created a line of enamel jewelry. After studying at Maine College of Art, Tracy created her own line of fabricated jewelry, but it lacked color. It wasn’t until taking a break from jewelry to focus on painting that she developed a new appreciation and interest in color. Having come full circle, she now makes use of her father’s studio to explore color and create both jewelry and paintings in vitreous enamel.

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