Yellow & White Tumbler | Large | Becky Wright Pottery


Handmade by Becky Wright, this tumbler showcases a timeless two-color design. Perfect for holding your favorite cold beverage! or could be used as a vase or utensil holder. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Measurements: Approximately 3″ width x 5″ height.


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Becky Wright
South Portland, Maine

“I have always felt successful and happy in a creative environment, and it all started with making mud pies in the back yard as a child and having a blast getting messy. I spent my time playing, collecting eggs and helping around our little farm in Vassalboro, Maine. My mother was always incredibly supportive and encouraged me to work on craft projects, painting and coloring at the kitchen table. That love of creativity turned into a serious music passion at age 10 when I started to play clarinet. I was a talented solo clarinetist all through middle and high school, and always taking art classes at the same time. When the time for choosing a college major came, I chose art over music.

In college, I took ceramics and fell in love. Moving clay around with my hands felt familiar and brought a tremendous feeling of happiness. I found it very satisfying to work with my hands and see the transformation from lumpy wet clay to solid functional pottery. After getting an Art degree, I made my living teaching elementary art in Maine for 19 years and making and selling pottery on the side.

Now a full time potter since 2016, I spend my work days in my home studio. Living in South Portland, I am surrounded by what inspires me most, the sky and land. Mostly where the two meet, at the horizon. When I’m not in the studio, I love to spend time with family (we have three teenagers) and two cats, work in my flower garden, canoeing with my husband Michael, read mystery crime novels, listen to podcasts and do yoga.”

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in