A Snowy Owl Story | Book | Melissa Kim


One winter, as food gets scarce, a snowy owl finds herself forced to look in new and unfamiliar spots in order to find food and a place to call home.

Based on a true story, “A Snowy Owl Story” describes, through the tale of one particular owl, the recent irruption of snowy owls all across the United States. Through this simple narrative, youngsters will learn about migration, adaptation, and respectful human interaction with nature. This unique series is written and designed specifically for a preschool market; few board books exist that tell conservation stories for this age range.

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Awards: Children’s Notable Book, 2015
Named one of The 12 Best Bird Books of 2015, National Audubon

Written by Melissa Kim
Binding: Board Book
Pages: 22
Genre: Board Book
Ages: 2-6
ISBN: 978-1-939017-48-2
Publication Date:  2015
Dimensions: 7.0 x 7.0 x 0.63

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Melissa Kim is the author of eight children’s books (including a series of books on endangered animals), one adult guidebook, and countless articles for children’s magazines. She has worked as a writer and editor for more than twenty years in New York and London. Formerly the editorial director and children’s and young adult book editor at Islandport Press, she has a BA from Brown University and a Masters from New York University. She is currently the Communications Director at Maine Audubon Society. A Snowy Owl Story, the first title in the Wildlife on the Move Series, was called “full of science and purpose” and named one of the best bird books of 2015 by the National Audubon Society. Kim currently lives in Maine with her husband and son.

Jada Fitch grew up in a family-built log cabin in Sebago, Maine. Much of her childhood was spent attending art classes, working on craft projects, and building forts at her grandparents’ general store. Jada majored in Illustration at the Maine College of Art, before spending a couple of years soaking up the sun in Los Angeles. (She ultimately decided that Maine was a better fit, and moved back to her native state.) She works primarily in pen and ink, using watercolors or Photoshop to add soft, realistic tones to her illustrations. Fitch lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband, Philip, and dog, Daisy. When she’s not at her desk drawing, she’s usually out birding, or knitting and watching nature documentaries.

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