Lisa Meyers of Kabyco Designs

Individually designed and created by Lisa Meyer

It all started as a simple quest to find “perfect” earrings and turned into a modern collection that combines a rocker edge with a bohemian vibe and where gemstones take center stage.

Kabyco, Inc. was established in 2006, since then it’s been a continuum of expanding and evolving ​designs and techniques.

Diligent selection of gems is something I take great pride in, and being fastidious translates to a collection made with only the finest quality hand selected semi precious & precious gemstones. Recycled precious metals are used and often in combination.

Effortless and timeless adornments with clean lines is my ultimate aesthetic goal.

Curious about the name “Kabyco”? It’s a combination of my childhood nickname “Kaby” with the “co” for company​.

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