Earth & Fire Glassworks

I create traditional and contemporary blown glass lighting and vessels that reflect the beauty and complexity of the natural world. I take inspiration from the mountains, oceans and sky and translate nature’s most distinct and intricate designs into my work, using the surface as my canvas for expression. In addition to blown glass I also create large scale, solid glass castings. These “Acculturated Artifacts” honor the Native American culture that was lost due to western civilization and the industrial world.

I have always been captivated by the excitement of the flames and the pace of the exchange between man and fire. I work almost exclusively as a solo artist, and as such, I’ve had to cultivate some alternative methods to overcome the crucial timing and physical demands that assistance teams generally help control in the glass studio. My interaction with the glass is something of a dance, with movement and rhythm playing key roles in the production of each piece.

Glass and nature are both significant influences in my life. I realize the importance of ecology in contending with the detrimental state of our environment and I hope to express through my work in glass, both the beauty and the fragility of our small planet. Here in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, the natural beauty around me continues to offer an endless source of inspiration.

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