Words into Wool @ the Center for Maine Craft

By Sara Palumbo, Fiber Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

It’s hard to believe that I’ve come to the end of my artist residency with the Center for Maine Craft. What a blessing this has been! It has been a true gift to have time during the winter months to focus on creating and being with people as they reflect and share. This residency has afforded me the opportunity to experience my artistic process in a new way, helping me get clearer on what my next steps will be with Words into Wool.

This installation has culminated in eleven pieces representing bold, courageous and inspiring stories of women who call Maine their home. They have let me into their homes, taken me through their memories, and shared their spirits.

I knew it would be important to have my own storied pieces in the cozy exhibit space that became my studio at the MCA. I moved in my great-grandmother’s porcelain top table that I grew up with, followed me all over NYC, and is now home in Maine. An old red tool box that reminds me of my grandfather is holding found sticks. The sewing horses that three generations quilted on (my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother) are holding up my workbench. I’ve been cocooned in history and know it’s been an integral part of this process. My lineage energy has held me as I have held these women’s stories so that they could be birthed into felted pieces.

You can follow the next leg of my journey with Words into Wool at www.sarapalumbo.com and on Instagram @sarapalumbostudios. I will be moving this installation to Brunswick, Maine this spring and adding to it. I will be listening to more beautiful stories and creating felted expressions of them. Who knows where summer will bring us…

A closing reception for Sara Palumbo will be held at the Center for Maine Craft on Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 3 – 6pm. Please join us in celebration of WORDS INTO WOOL!