Bare Bones Handsewn

We’ve been making shoes, a lot of shoes.
If you are wearing a Maine handsewn moccasins its likely that it, or one just like it has been sewn at our benches.

We’ve decided that it’s time to put in our “two stitches” and throw our moccasin into the ring.

At Bare Bones Handsewn we are focused on quality shoemaking, we are humble, yet proud of our trade and want to show you what Maine shoemaking can be. Together our team has over 400 years of shoemaking experience. We are Mainers, we were born here, and it is where we are lucky enough to raise our children. We learned our traditional craft from our families who passed down these treasured skills through the generations. Our team consists of 10-15 craftspeople, and your purchase goes directly to supporting each one of those families.

Come wear Bare Bones Handsewn, we’re BBH – Bringing Back Handsewn

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