Lauran Sundin

Lauran Sundin discovered bobbin lace while looking for an alternative to on-loom weaving to make her 3-dimensional jewelry. Having a textile background, she understood the potential of bobbin lace to ‘weave in any direction’. She refers to her jewelry as mini sculptures. Lauran uses high karat gold and silver wire – adding pearls and diamonds as focal points. Her work has been exhibited at many fine craft exhibitions including the Philadelphia Museum Fine Crafts exposition and the Palm Beach Fine Crafts trade fair. In conjunction with teaching at the Ratti Textile Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York she exhibited her work and lectured on Contemporary Lace. Other exhibitions include: World Lace Congress, Bruges – ‘Lace Not Lace’, New Jersey, USA – ‘Ebb N’ Flow’, Wimborne, England, ‘Love Lace’, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

After many years of perfecting her techniques to achieve precision in working with wire she has now turned to teaching other lacemakers, helping them to see the potential of wire lace. She says her aim is to share her knowledge so others don’t have to spend years learning how to tame unruly wire. Lauran and her husband have combined their love of travel with her worldwide teaching.