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Yellow Grid Tumbler | Alice Nasto


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A 4″ tal, 3.5″ wide ceramic tumbler cup with yellow hand engraved shapes on the exterior.

This item is available at Maine Craft Portland.

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Alice Nasto
Bremen, ME

Alice started making pottery while getting a PhD in mechanical engineering at MIT. Eventually, she was thinking more about ceramics than other things. Mid-century pattern, like those on Hornses pottery and Marimekko fabric inspires the bold shapes she incorporates on her pottery’s surface. “I like that it’s geometric, but not perfect,” she says.

Alice creates beautiful, wheel-thrown pottery intended for everyday use.  She mostly fired her work in an electric kiln, creating her own glazes from raw materials.  She occasionally participates in wood firings and enjoys the thrilling unpredictability of the atmospheric effects in the wood kiln.

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